Asphalt Repair

asphalt repair Over time, your asphalt pavement can experience various forms of damage that threaten to shorten its lifespan and create major headaches. Even with great installation and ongoing maintenance, regular wear and exposure to the elements can take their toll. When those issues arise, asphalt repair services from Empire Industries can restore your pavement to its former glory. Empire Industries is an asphalt repair company that serves property owners in Long Island, New York and the surrounding communities.

Why Should I Invest in Asphalt Repair?

Many people assume that asphalt is indestructible. While versatile and durable, it’s not immune to damage. Constant exposure to the elements and normal wear will eventually lead to issues.

Don’t ignore those problems when they occur! Failing to invest in local asphalt repair can lead to worsening trouble. Damage provides an entry point for water penetration, resulting in structural problems.

As the damage worsens, so does the cost to address it. Waiting too long could force you to foot the bill for costly reclamation and reconstruction projects.

Contacting an asphalt repair company as soon as possible is important. With repair service, you can tackle those issues head-on, avoiding future problems while prolonging the life of your pavement.

What Types of Asphalt Repair Methods are Available?

Asphalt damage can vary in severity and form. Most issues start as minor cracks. But as water seeps into those cracks, small voids can become structural integrity problems, sunken areas, potholes and more.

Fortunately, there are many different local asphalt repair methods.

When dealing with minor cracks, gouges or shallow “birdbaths,” your asphalt repair company may recommend a surface patch. This type of asphalt repair in Long Island is quick and cost-effective.

Partial-depth patches are best for more extensive damage. It involves removing several inches of asphalt but doesn’t go deep enough to reach the foundation of your pavement. This Long Island asphalt repair method is ideal for deeper cracks and certain drainage issues.

Full-depth patches require asphalt repair contractors to work on the foundation of your pavement. It’s an excellent solution for structural damage, allowing teams to provide a long-lasting fix.

Why Should I Hire Professional Asphalt Repair Contractors?

When it comes to something as valuable and important as your property’s pavement, you need the expertise of professionals. Every form of asphalt damage is unique. While DIY solutions look appealing, doing things wrong can worsen the problem and cost you even more money in the long run.

Hiring an experienced contractor is the only way to ensure your asphalt gets the attention it needs. Seasoned professionals can assess the damage, determine the proper course of action and provide the Long Island asphalt repair service your pavement requires.

Hiring professionals can provide peace of mind and ensure you’re in good hands when getting asphalt repair in Long Island.  And, damaged potholes can lead to lawsuits.

Why Choose Empire Industries as My Go-to Asphalt Repair Company?

When it comes to Long Island asphalt repair, there’s no better contractor than Empire Industries. We have many years of experience serving property owners like you. Our goal is to help our clients maintain their asphalt pavement for as long as possible. We understand how minor repair concerns can turn into wallet-draining problems later, so we work diligently to address damage the right way the first time.

We set the bar high for other asphalt repair contractors through our attention to detail, honest communication and reliable service. We deliver on all fronts while providing results that stick. In addition to asphalt repair in Long Island, you can trust Empire Industries to handle all your asphalt paving, sealcoating and crackfilling needs. We’re also available for parking lot maintenance and striping.

Call Empire Industries now for your free quote! You can reach us by phone at (631)566-0058, email at empireindustries1@aol.com or with our online contact form.