Asphalt Crackfilling

Are your asphalt surfaces riddled with unsightly cracks? If so, it’s time to contact Empire Industries for asphalt crackfilling service. Empire Industries is a reliable asphalt crackfilling company proudly serving property owners in Long Island, New York and the surrounding communities. We have what it takes to restore your driveways, parking lots and more while protecting them from future damage.

What is Asphalt Crackfilling?

It’s all in the name! Asphalt crackfilling in Long Island is a vital maintenance service that aims to fill cracks and voids in your pavement. Typically, asphalt crackfilling contractors use a hot rubberized asphalt emulsion. Depending on the width, depth and condition of the crack, contractors might use heavy-duty crackfilling machines to address issues quickly and efficiently.

Before filling starts, asphalt crackfilling contractors will assess the damage and complete vital prep work. Local asphalt crackfilling teams will clean voids to remove debris, ensuring proper bonding with your asphalt. If necessary, professionals may also widen the crack for the best results.

Either way, It’s important to leave this maintenance task to an experienced asphalt crackfilling company. When done right, crackfilling can prolong the life of your pavement and mitigate future issues.

Why is Asphalt Crackfilling in Long Island Necessary?

Cracks can be a major problem for asphalt surfaces. Cosmetically, they’re unsightly and ruin the slick finish that would otherwise improve your property’s curb appeal. But the problem goes beyond aesthetics.

Minor cracks can quickly turn into major voids. While they seem innocent enough, cracks can become major safety hazards for your property. They’re tripping hazards for pedestrians and could cause damage to vehicles. You would be liable for any accident involving personal injury or property damage.

Another concern is how cracks can lead to more damage. Water penetration is a major concern for asphalt. Once water gets in, it can wreak havoc on the asphalt’s foundation, putting its structural integrity in peril. Water can also freeze and expand during Long Island winters, turning minor cracks into wider and deeper voids.

Long Island asphalt crackfilling prevents water penetration. Filling those gaps protects your asphalt over the long haul while mitigating more serious and costly repair issues.

How Does Asphalt Crackfilling Differ from Crack Sealing?

Crackfilling and sealing are two services that can address voids and protect your pavement. Both can keep water out and improve the longevity of asphalt. But the biggest difference between them is what they can fix.

Crack sealing is more limited. Generally, sealing is appropriate for smaller cracks no bigger than 1/4 of an inch wide. Meanwhile, Long Island asphalt crackfilling can address wider voids. Depending on the filler material, this service is a great solution for cracks up to 2 inches wide.

Of course, all forms of damage are unique. If you’re unsure whether or not asphalt crackfilling in Long Island is appropriate for your pavement, contact an asphalt crackfilling company for guidance.

Will Long Island Asphalt Crackfilling Fix Other Forms of Damage?

Local asphalt crackfilling professionals can work their magic on voids of varying depths and widths. But this service isn’t a universal solution for all forms of damage. Extensive damage like alligator cracking, potholes and severe buckling won’t benefit from asphalt crackfilling. The same goes for working cracks that move more than 2.5 millimeters or more in a given year.

Why Should I Hire Empire Industries to Be My Asphalt Crackfilling Contractors

Let Empire Industries be your go-to contractor for local asphalt sealcoating. We’re eager to serve property owners, managers and contractors in Long Island, New York and the nearby areas. Our team is well-trained, and they use their expertise to determine the best course of action for your pavement’s needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’ll work hard to exceed your expectations while providing customer service you can trust.

Our services include asphalt crackfilling, repairs, sealcoating and new paving. We’re also ready to provide long-term parking lot maintenance and striping services.

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